About us

Twenty years of experience at your disposal

With twenty years of experience working with trade publishers, charities, and commercial organisations, Eyelevel Books is a small, friendly and highly adaptable business, geared to taking the headache out of managing your publishing project. We have produced books, training material and ebooks for a wide variety of businesses from the Royal Institute of British Architects to DaimlerChrysler, from pharmaceutical companies to hotels wishing to produce in-house publications. Since 1996 we have also been involved in the production of almost all the school and college textbooks for the leading educational publisher, Osborne Books. Whatever your business, whatever your requirements, we will deliver your project on time, on budget, and to the highest industry standards.

We can fit seamlessly into your workflow, adding value at each stage, or we can take the entire project out of your office, taking your author's manuscript and delivering a finished product back to you. Ebook or print, we get the job done. And yes, we do typeset music too!

We are based in Worcester, England, but work with clients throughout the world. All files are stored 100% securely with triple-lock back-ups, and for sensitive projects we operate government-level security on our systems. We treat your intellectual property with the respect and discretion it deserves.

Our Services

Design and typesetting

Great design and typesetting is at the heart of everything we produce. We bring your words to life and deliver them in a way to optimise your customer's experiences, whether in print or on screen. Specialising in complex layouts – tables, diagrams, footnotes and nested body text – our attention to detail and keen sense of aesthetics ensure your message will never be lost.

Editing and proofreading

If required we can have your work proofread to iron out any minor inconsistencies or errors to ensure your author's text is the best it can be. We are also able to source technical editors and developmental editors if your writers need help putting their message down on paper.


With a long relationship with one of the biggest book printers in Britain, we can broker print deals for runs of 1 to a million books and deliver them either on a truck to your own warehouse or even direct to individual customers.


Since 2011 we have also offed an ebook conversion service, and can undertake the entire process from finished manuscript to final publication. We can also guide you through the often labyrinthine process of getting your book listed on Amazon and iBookstore if required.

Unlike many in the ebook business, we do not simply take the pdf used for print and repurpose it as an ebook. Even when producing 'fixed layout' books from pdf sources, we rework the background code to enable advanced navigation features (some ahead of current industry standards, so you are future-proofed), and optimise pages for screen.

Our own imprint

We publish a limited number of books under our own imprint. We specialise in niche non-fiction titles which typically serve very specific markets that may be too small for the larger publishers to bother with (markets where total unit sales may be fewer than 10,000 copies). If you have an idea for a book – or better yet, a series – and know your market inside out, do let us know.

Although we publish some fiction titles, we are not currently seeking any submissions for fiction.

Efficiency is our watchword

We believe that you should only pay for what you get. As such, we do not have permenant staff, so you're not paying for the overheads normally associated with employment. Instead, we have a network of highly accomplished freelancers who work on what we need them to do, when we need them. Eyelevel Books fits these specialists into our workflow invisibly, and one person will be your point of contact for the entire process.

By sourcing the very best people for your individual project, we ensure that every penny of your costs goes into making your project the best it can be.

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